Sunnking, other recyclers collect e-scrap for charity

Non-profit groups are partnering with private electronics recycling companies to raise funds for their camp programs, schools and other organizations.

“We started with an idea to bring on a charitable partner and Camp Good Days & Special Times was a great choice for us. They are an organization that improves the quality of life for children, adults and families whose lives have been touched by cancer and other life threatening challenges,” Zachary Hussion, Marketing and Programs manager for Sunnking Electronics Recycling in Brockport, N.Y., said. Sunnking is an R2-certified electronics recycler.

“For the month of April 2013, Sunnking will provide free electronics recycling supplies and pick-ups at participating schools, businesses, non-profits and other organizations in the Buffalo and Rochester area.

Organizations are encouraged to collect old and unwanted electronics from employees, friends and family. Sunnking will donate money to Camp Good Days for every pound of electronics collected, and provide a certificate to each participating location with the net weight of what was recycled,” Hussion Said.

“For every pound of electronics we collect through the program, Sunnking makes a financial contribution to Camp Good Days,” Hussion said.

So far, they’ve donated almost $20,000 and collected more than 500,000 pounds of electronic scrap through the three years of the program’s existence. The company provides collection containers to participating businesses for one week in April, usually coinciding with Earth Day; at the end of the week, a pickup is scheduled. The businesses are given a report of how much they collected, and how much money was raised for the charity through their efforts.

“We have been very fortunate to have such outstanding support from Sunnking. Their funds have helped us continue to provide fun and laughter for many children dealing with cancer, which we are beyond grateful for. It is always so inspiring to see businesses and individuals come together to support our kids. Not to mention, we are safely recycling old electronics for free. It really is a great opportunity for both the Buffalo and Rochester community!” Lisa Donato Booz,  Regional Director of Camp Good Days & Special Times, said.

This year, Sunnking hopes to double the number of participating collection sites to 200 locations and increase collections to 500,000 pounds in 2013 alone.

While the program provides a good opportunity to support charity, the collection program has an added benefit of fulfilling requirements under New York State’s extended producer responsibility law for electronics manufacturers.

“It’s a way for Sunnking to recycle covered electronic equipment from the residential community, which is then used towards the legal obligations of manufacturers under the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling & Reuse Act,” Hussion said.

Environmental Reclamation Services LLC, based in Erie, Pa., operates The Funding Factory, a mail-back program collecting mobile phones, printer cartridges and small electronics for schools, churches and other non-profits. Also R2-certified, mail back programs through ERS include MaxBack, GreenSchoolProject, eCycle Group, Recycle Rewards, and Easy Parcel Ship. Mail-in programs might be best in areas where there is no convenient access to a certified electronics recycler.

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