PA to enforce electronics disposal ban for residents

Later this month, Pennsylvanians will be required to stop disposing of their electronics in landfills and begin recycling instead. While manufacturers were required to start collecting and recycling e-scrap in 2012, the disposal ban didn’t go into place this year.

Landfill bans are amongst the most effective way to increase recycling of electronic scrap. The Pennsylvania law covers the most commonly recycled electronics: TVs, monitors, computers and accessories.

To date, 30 recyclers have been issued permits to recycle and prepare for reuse electronics through the state program. On the state website,  companies and residents seeking an electronics recycling firm can see pertinent information about recyclers approved through the state program, including EPA permitting information, the types of materials the recyclers handle and how the materials are handled (recycled, reuse, refurbish, brokered, etc.) and if the recycler regularly audits end-use markets for the materials they recycle.

Knowing how an electronics recycler intends to handle the electronic scrap products they produces is very, very important. Coupled with a strong environmental certification – such as R2/RIOS ™ – businesses and residents can be assured their electronics are being handled in an ethical, environmentally safe way that places a premium on data security and reuse.

For more on the state’s electronics recycling laws, click HERE.

For a list of R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified companies, click HERE.

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