AER Worldwide Certified to R2 standards

AER Worldwide, headquartered in Fremont, Ca., has received Responsible Recycling certification at three of its worldwide facilities, according to R2 Solutions.

AER, on its website, identifies itself as a “de-manufacturer with a focus on the redistribution of components. It also end-of-life processes the non-resellable part of the electronic waste stream it receives from its customers in an environmentally sound manner.”

The company has facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

The three facilities mean that 301 electronics recycling facilities are now certified to the standard. Growth in the certification has been brisk this year; 200 facilities were certified in May 2012, meaning the standard has seen growth of 50 percent in six months.

Facilities have been certified to the R2 standard since 2010.

The Responsible Recycling (R2) certification was developed through a two and a half year process that involved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and industry stakeholders. R2 requires recyclers to manage materials properly to protect the environment, human health and safety, and prohibit illegal export of hazardous materials.  The standard is supported by government, manufacturer, recycler and non-governmental organization stakeholders.

R2 is getting an update – R2 Solutions, the body which oversees the standard, is currently seeking comment on R2:2013.

For more information on R2/RIOS™ standards, visit The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry’s new website at

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