More Canadians covered by electronics recycling laws

Nearly all of Canada will be covered by some form of electronics recycling mandate as new Extended Producer Responsibility legislation comes online in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The new government plan calls for electronics manufacturers with market presence within the province to develop recycling plans for their products within 120 days. These plans will be examined by the provincial governments’ Multi-Materials Stewardship Board.  The new legislative scheme was authorized under amendments to Labrador and Newfoundland’s existing Waste Management Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act.

“Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have been looking forward to the introduction of an e-waste recycling program and we are happy to introduce these changes to the regulations,” said Leigh Puddester, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the MMSB. “We have been working closely with electronics manufacturers to see them take a leadership role in handling the end-of-life treatment of their products. By having producers take this responsibility, they will increasingly think about ways to redesign their products to be more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle.”

The government estimates that each year, provincial households generate 1,551 tons of recyclable electronics and the institutional, commercial and industrial sector generates 1,055 tons.

With the announcement, made earlier this month, only four provinces in Canada do not have electronics recycling mandates: Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and New Brunswick. With more than 750,000 residents, New Brunswick is the most populous of these; the other three territories, located in the sparsely settled northern regions, have less than 50,000 residents each.

For more information on changes to the Waste Management Regulations can be found at or

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