E-Scrap Conference to gather electronics recycling industry

E-Scrap Conference to gather electronics recycling industry

A little more than a month remains before E-Scrap Conference takes place, an annual gathering in the U.S. solely focused on electronics recycling.

The conference is organized by Resource Recycling Inc., publisher of E-Scrap News and Resource Recycling. This year’s event takes place Sept. 19 and 20 in Dallas. Each year, a program of education and discussion of issues impacting the industry is organized.

While the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has held an annual workshop on RIOS™ and R2 certifications before the conference opens for several years, this year an ISRI-sponsored program is being featured in the agenda.  ISRI is also a platinum-level sponsor of the event.

The plenary session, set for 8:30 a.m. Sept. 20, will be moderated by ISRI’s Joe Pickard and will focus on recycling markets for the metals found in electronics, such as gold, silver, copper and ferrous scrap. Speakers include William Adams, FastMarkets; Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group; and Spencer Johnson, INTL FCStone.

ISRI and R2 Solutions are sponsoring two educational workshops before the conference opens: “The Basics of R2:2008 & R2:2013” and “Due Diligence & Refurbishment Best Practices.” Session speakers include: John Lingelbach of R2 Solutions; Kelley Keogh of Greeneye Partners; Corey Dehmey of Momentum; Rike Sandlin of HiTech Assets; Tracey Blaszak of eRecycling Corps; and Sarah Commes of PC Rebuilders & Recyclers. For more information on the workshops, click here.

The program is full of valuable information, the conference organizer said.

“We’ll also look at CRT recycling issues, provide details on electronics shredding, review the key export issues and provide information on electronics recycling Europe,” said Jerry Powell, publisher of Resource Recycling.

Other topics on the agenda  include examinations of voluntary and regulatory consumer take-back programs, efforts to increase electronics recycling and methods of maximizing electronics recycling profitability.

In addition to the workshops and plenary sessions, the conference also features exhibits by more than 100 companies involved in electronics recycling.

Response to the conference has continued to strengthen, Powell said.

“We’ve sold out the exhibit hall (again) and we expect about 1,500 attendees. We already have registrants from more than 30 countries,” he said.

Registration for E-Scrap Conference is available online here.

For more information, visit http://www.e-scrapconference.com/.

ISRI is hosting an invitation-only reception on Sept. 18 before the conference begins. Sponsoring recyclers are AERC Recycling Solutions, Arrow, Avnet Integrated, Green Recycling Management LLC, HiTech Assets Inc., Regency Technologies, Wistron and Xstrata.

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