eScrap recycling news briefs


Closed Loop Refining + Recovery, a CRT recycler in Phoenix, Ariz., has announced plans to open a new CRT recycling facility in Columbus, Ohio.

The new plant was reported by Recycling Today in its July 2012 issue, the free digital version of which was released July 27.

The recycling magazine states the new 275,000-square foot facility will greatly expand CRT processing capabilities in the eastern U.S., and will be able to handle 3,000 tons of CRT glass each month.

From taking in 3,000 tons of CRT and flat panel monitors, the company will produce ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, leaded glass cullet and unleaded glass cullet.

Company CEO David Cauchi said construction will be complete on the new facility by the end of summer 2012.

According to the company’s website, future expansion plans include the mid-western, north-eastern and south-eastern U.S. in addition to its original facility in Arizona.


The Massachusetts state senate has approved a draft extended producer responsibility law for electronics.

The proposed law was sent to the House Ways and Means committee after it was passed in the Senate July 26. The bill, SB2380, requires manufactures set up and fund electronics recycling programs in the New England state. Under the law, the costs for the program must be covered in the purchase price of the new electronics.

Products covered under the EPR law include consumer desktop and laptop computers and televisions. Mobile phones, peripherals, and other electronic devices are not covered in the law.

If approved in the House, the EPR law would be enforced after  Jan. 1, 2014.

To read the bill’s text, click Bill S02380(1). (.pdf download)

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