Niagara recognized for strong electronics collections

The Ontario Electronic Stewardship program recognized the residents and recyclers of Niagara for collecting more than 1,300 tons of electronic scrap through the province’s official electronics recycling program.

Since 2009, the entire province has collected the equivalent of 12,000 tractor-trailer loads of recyclable e-scrap, reports.

With a population of 430,000, Niagara is one of the smaller Ontario regions in the OES program and yet contributes the fourth-highest volume of e-scrap to the program, the website reports.

“They’re certainly doing their part in making Niagara a greener place,” OES program executive Jonathan Spencer told the publication this week.

OES now collects 44 types of electronics, and is looking to expand its stewardship program even farther in the future.

The program began by covering only desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals, monitors, televisions and printing devices. Beginning April 1, 2010, Phase 2 products were added: computer peripherals including modems;  printing devices including copiers, scanners, typewriters;  telephones (physical and accessories); cellular phones; PDAs and pagers; audio and video players; cameras; equalizers/(pre)amplifiers; radios; receivers; speakers; tuners; turntables; video players/projectors; video recorders; and personal hand held computers.

Since program inception, OES has divert 95,232 tonnes of electronic waste from landfill

For more information on electronics recycling in Ontario, visit


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