Consumers plagued by ‘Green Guilt’

Battery and mobile phone recycler Call2Recycle has released a new survey of the unused electronics stockpiling habits of American consumers.

The survey reports that more than half of those questioned (57 percent) say they have old electronics that they need to dispose of or discard. Mobile phones made up the largest portion of the items being stored, with 46 percent of people saying they had unused units in their homes. Of the respondents, 33 percent said they had computers being stored in their homes, 25 percent had old TV sets, 19 percent had cordless phones and 17 percent had rechargeable batteries.

These figures are in line with other studies that have found American consumers are not recycling their electronics at the same rates as their business and institutional counterparts.

The survey also reported that Americans believe end-of-life management costs should be shared among manufacturers, retailers, consumers and dedicated recycling programs or organizations.

“When asked about extended producer responsibility, more than half (52 percent) of Americans say they believe that manufacturers should bear the cost of recycling their product after consumers are finished with it. But, they’re almost equally split about their willingness to pay more for an item if a manufacturer took care of its proper disposal – 38 percent (notably more men than women) say yes, while 39 percent say no,” Call2Recycle reported.

The online survey was conducted by Toluna PLC and assessed 1,041 adults over 18. Interviews were conducted from April 6-9, 2012. The full survey results are available upon request, Call2Recycle says.

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