Inside an electronics recycling and reuse facility

Regency Technologies, headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, recently opened its doors to guests at its Solon, Ohio tech facility, including a film crew. Jim Levine, President of Regency Technologies, took guests on a tour of the company’s Ohio facilities in Solon and Twinsburg.

Jim Levine, of Regency Technologies, gives a tour of his Solon facilities.

The tour began in the receiving area, where incoming retired IT assets are evaluated for their reusability. The company receives thousands of pounds of e-scrap each month.

LCD and Plasma TVs undergo repair and testing and many of them are resold. CRTs are sent to a facility in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, where they are safely recycled and turned into furnace ready cullett for further processing.

Newer PCs and Laptops can be refurbished and resold. The company also has a used computer parts business, where reusable LCD screens, CPUs, network cards and other parts are resold or used in internal refurbishing. Hard drives are sanitized of sensitive material before being reused.

Everything that can’t be repaired or refurbished is sent to the company’s shredding facilities in Twinsburg. From there, e-scrap commodities head out to the marketplace to be made into new products, including some new electronics.

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